Raymond Blake

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Raymond Blake

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Raymond Blake

wine writer

Raymond Blake

wine writer

Breakfast in Burgundy

Breakfast in Burgundy small copy

It was six years in the making but I am now delighted to report that my latest book Breakfast in Burgundy was published in New York recently. There’s limited ‘physical’ availability on this side of the Atlantic just yet but deliveries from Amazon have reached the length and breadth of Ireland & the UK – and points further away too, as far as New Zealand in fact. Check these links to place an order for delivery before Christmas – it makes the perfect stocking filler.

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"An Under the Tuscan Sun set in fabled Burgundy, Irish wine writer Raymond Blake's lyrical, and personal, memoir of falling tangle-footedly in love with a grape (Pinot Noir), and then a region where it reaches its apotheosis, to a ramshackle cottage that he and his wife impetuously purchase to embrace their seeming cockamamie dream of residing there, is as heartbreaking and funny and emotionally honest as any Pinotphile's wallet-emptying odyssey for that singular levitational moment when a truly great Burgundy takes him through the whole fairy tale three-act narrative to sensorial sublimity and, finally, vinous redemption." - Rex Pickett, author of Sideways

"'A hungry Irishman in the belly of France'--what self-respecting female foodie wouldn't be hooked by that line? Blake's book romps along with pace and energy and provides a giggle on every page; it's about the food, sure, but the travel snarl-ups, home-reno dramas, and his conversations with wistful winemakers were highlights for me. Loved it!" - Yvonne Lorkin, wine writer

"A charming and witty read that delightfully evokes the Burgundian countryside, its food, wines, and its people; a book that made me want to immediately return to this wine-lover's jewel of France." - Chris de Burgh, singer-songwriter


“Blake balances wit, charm and emotion beautifully to deliver a lively but touching story of his connection with this great wine region. An old-world Sideways, if you will. I think it'd be a great present for any wine-lover this Christmas.” (amazon.com)

“This is a suburb read; well written and entertaining. It would make the perfect Christmas gift - especially for anyone who has been to France, who likes food and has ever had that dream of owning a home there.” (amazon.co.uk)



“Sangliers sur la ligne,” said the announcement as the TGV, France’s high-speed train, ground to a halt somewhere between Paris and Burgundy. We got a good view of the wild boar, about a dozen of them, as they left the tracks and sauntered across a field before disappearing into some forest. Then we were on our way again. Read More...

Taste of Tuscany

Oh, to be a crow in Tuscany, land of the rolling hill and the ever-winding road. Your destination is glimpsed long before you reach it, particularly if it is a hilltop town such as the multi-towered San Gimignano. Read More...

Peter Lehmann RIP

The word ‘legend’ is bandied about with such tiring frequency these days that it is easy to lose sight of its true meaning. But not that easy. Those in the wine world keen to reacquaint themselves with what it really means only have to look at the life of Peter Lehmann, who passed away this week. Read More...

Brilliant Reputation - Woeful Image

You may have noticed that World Sherry 'Day' lasts for a week (20th to 26th May). I believe they got that idea from us here in Ireland where St Patrick's Day can last for 10 and, when the Celtic Tiger was roaring loudest, Christmas Day stretched towards three weeks on occasion. Read More...

The Road to Burgundy

I first met Ray Walker at Domaine Dujac in Morey-Saint-Denis during harvest 2010, Tuesday 28th September to be precise. I was talking to Jacques Seysses, patriarch of the domaine, and Walker was standing off to one side. Read More...

ANZAC Dinner

What better way to celebrate ANZAC Day than by organising a themed wine dinner with wines from Australia and New Zealand, and the food giving at least a nod to the Antipodes? That’s precisely what I did last weekend. Read More...

Barbeito Madeira

For thrilling intensity of flavour there is nothing to beat Madeira. Nothing. So there was no way I was going to miss the Barbeito tasting, hosted in Pearl Brasserie, Dublin yesterday by Ricardo Diogo V Freitas and organised by Ally Alpine of Wines on the Green. Read More...

Bordeaux En Primeur

The Bordeaux ‘en primeur’ circus is about to swing into action. Here’s my take on it, written earlier this year for publication in the April issue of Food & Wine Magazine:

It might not have made headlines on Sky or CNN but within the cosy little world of fine wine the news last year that Château Latour, one of the superstar names of Bordeaux, was withdrawing from the annual en primeur jamboree set tongues wagging and the twittersphere humming. Read More...

Wine Fraud!

Fake: a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham.
Counterfeit: a fraudulent imitation of something else.

Call them what you will but the bottles of Domaine Ponsot wines consigned for sale at an Acker, Merrall & Condit auction in New York on 25th April 2008 were definitely not genuine. Most definitely not. Read More...

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